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Frequently Asked Question's - RJD TECHNOLOGY

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Will my network improve after the installation of Mobile signal booster?

Yes, your network will work as you are in the outdoor. As you are walking & Talking outside.

Q.2 Do your booster systems work for all cellular carriers?

Yes, it is up to you if you want for a single operator, then you will also get that we have.There are many types of boosters, such as for single and multiple operators.

Q.3 Is there a monthly fee for the booster system?

No, this is a one-time cost. It costs only up to installation, after which its annual expenditure is incurred. Which is at least cost.

Q.4 Will there be a call drop after the booster installation?

Yes, the problem of your network will be far away. After installing the booster, the problem of all your network will be over.If the tower near you is in the maintenance then it may be a little difficult, as long as there is a tower in the maintenance.

Q.5 Why do i lose cell phone signal strenght indoors?

There are several factors that affect signal penetration into buildings including construction material (metal, concrete, wood), wall density, number of windows and building height. In addition to the physical construction of the building, poor signal can also be a result of your geographic location relative to the closest mobile mast. Many of our customers live in rural areas where low signal strength is common.